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The story of Table 41 Brewing began in 2015 in Latham NY the suburbs of the Capital District, with the essence of making beer personal. The name originated from knowing that personal style and personal taste were all very different for each person,  a table for one was created. Embracing the differences and styles of our area creating small batches allowed us to get to know our customers and community on a greater and deeper level. It was taking something personal from each and crafting a beer specific to their individuality.

 With a deep passion for healthcare and providing for our community for over two decades, making it is impossible to ignore all of those that have given to our community keeping us safe, healthy,  and less vulnerable. These are our first responders, the healthcare community, the military, and good samaritans. All of which should be appreciated and celebrated for all they do. And that’s what Table 41 does on a deeper and personal level.

 Fast forwarding to 2018 the grassroots continues and believers are seeing that change can be made through the creation of handcrafted beers. It built a family, a community where people feel welcome knowing they are among their brothers, sisters, and even that one crazy uncle we all have had. The road still remains unknown but know it’s for a great cause a larger challenge and a great and unique beer. The beers will always stay true, the passion will always be in each pint. It's about “MAKING BEER PERSONAL “